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Private Individuals

Financial Analysis and Planning Service

In close conjunction with other professionals, this service analyses the present position and recommends bespoke solutions for the future.

Retirement Planning

Timing and accurate projections are critical. Aquila Financial Management Ltd can provide a resume of the client’s pension arrangements and projected benefits. This greatly assists the planning process and is a vital step towards accomplishing a successful retirement income.

Advice can be provided on all types of pensions, including Self-Invested Pensions, Small Self-Administered Schemes, Open Market Options, Deferred Annuities, and Pension Drawdown Schemes.

Inheritance Planning

We also specialise in Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the facility to help mitigate Inheritance Tax. In addition, specialist advice can be provided on Residential/Nursing Home fee planning.

Investment Portfolios

There are many asset classes and styles of fund available in the market. We believe that these can be combined into a series of models to offer well-balanced investments that meet different investment needs in order to control risk and keep costs under tight control. We combine these different techniques to deliver well-researched and reviewed risk-focused portfolios that we believe will meet with our clients’ agreed financial objectives and aims. Our regular reviews of these portfolios ensure a top-down approach to stock picking with detailed qualitative and quantitative process to ensure our strategies remain appropriate and clear. We offer total return and income focused models.

We look for good solid investment teams that can repeat performance (as evidenced by an OBSR rating where available) and the fund and its manager should have a five year track record of running the fund or relevant experience. We also look for consistence, above average performance, strong evidence that the manager adds value, along with measures to assess the returns relative to the amount of investment risk taken.

Our clients are not limited to using these portfolios, however, as no individuals are the same and they may wish us to explore other areas; this is why we have also put together a well-researched and regularly-reviewed panel of other funds with different exposures (including ethical, multi asset and tracker funds ) which we consider to be “best of breed”. We primarily advise on collective funds such as Unit Trusts and OEICs.


  • School Fees
  • Permanent Health and Accident Insurance
  • Life Assurances
  • Mortgages – Residential and Commercial
  • Annuity Purchase
  • Long Term Care
  • Pension and Divorce